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Laotian Remote Tribes & Hiking | 10 Days | Off Road Laos Adventures

Remote Tribes, Hike into Akha & Hmong countries 

Hiking, Ethnies & Wilderness


DEPARTURE / ARRIVAL : Chiang Rai / Luang Prabang

DURATION : 10 days + 09 nights

TIME PERIOD : during the whole year

GUIDING : english speaking guide

PRIVATE GROUP : from 4 to 14 people


  • northern ethnic encounters: Akha, Hmong, Tay Ead, Lanten, Tay Dam, Khamu, ...

  • remote areas of Luang Namtha and Phongsaly

  • hiking in rice fields, jungle, mountain, forest

  • 4.5 days of trek (difficulty from 3 to 8/10)

  • cruise on the NamOu River

  • immersion in villages

  • 5 nights homestay

​​PRICE PER PERSON : 1 362 USD (group of 4 people)

Decreasing according to the number of people

DAY 01

Crossing of the Mekong and first steps in Laos

Welcoming at Chiang Rai Airport by a local driver, then drive to Chiang Khong, the Thai side of the border. Crossing of the bridge above the Mekong. Welcoming on the Laotian side by your guide, he will assist you with immigration formalities. Settlement at the hotel.

Meals : -, -, D  //  Night : charming hotel

Itinerary : Chiang Rai - Houay Xai

DAY 02

Meeting with the Akha ethnic group

Transfer on road by minivan to ViengPhou Kha, starting point of your trek to meet the Akha tribes living in the mountains. Crossing of a dense forest before reaching a trail leading from one village to another. Arrival in an Akha village under the curious eyes of local kids. Discovering of a traditional house, covered with a four-sided, with kitchen and sleeping room. Dinner and stay overnight in the village.

Meals : B, L, D  //  Night : homestay

Itinerary : Houay Xai - Akha village

Activities : 4-5h hiking

DAY 03

Immersion in the jungle, land of the Akhas

The trekking day starts with a steep path up through the millet fields dotted with rice granaries. At the top, contemplating break of the landscapes, before returning to the forest. Visit of an Akha village where women still wear their traditional costume and headdress. Walk on the track linking all the surrounding villages and arrival in a tiny village located at the edge of a river. Dinner and stay overnight in a Khamu village.

Meals : B, L, D  //  Night : homestay

Itinerary : Akha village - Khamu village

Activities : 5h hiking

DAY 04

Culture and tradition of Lahu living in the mountains

Walk on a small track to reach your minivan. Meeting with the Lahu ethnic group and their tiny houses for single girls, made of bamboo. One can still see some poppy plants for their personal consumption. This crop is being replaced by rice and corn. Then, visit of a village of the Lanten ethnic group and arrival by late morning in Luang Namtha.

Meals : B, L, -  //  Night : local guesthouse

Itinerary : Khamu village - Luang Namtha

Activities : 2h hiking

DAY 05

Tay Dam and Tay Lue Craftsmen Minorities

Day on the way to the Phongsaly province. After a few hours of discovery, the adventure continues on a dirt track with fabulous landscapes, dotted with rice fields terracotta kilns of the Tay Lue tribe. On the way, stop at the small market of the Tay Dam ethnic group where locals sell the products of their crafts. Visit of Phouxang, Akha, Tay Yang, Hmong and Tay Lue villages . Arrival by late afternoon in Bountai. Dinner and stay overnight in a wooden house of a Tay Lue village.

Meals : B, -, D  //  Night : homestay

Itinerary : Luang Namtha – NaMor – Bountai

DAY 06

Discovery of the Phongsaly region

The trip continues towards the small town of Muang Khoua where Vietnamese pass their goods between Vietnam and Laos. Visit of Akha, Hmong, Khamu, and TayDam villages in Ban Monesavan. Arrival in MuangKhua by late afternoon and settlement in your guesthouse. Walk in this small town very little visited by tourists, and crossing of a suspended bridge over the Nam Phak river.

Meals : B, L, -  //  Night : local guesthouse

Itinerary : Bountai - Pak Nam Noi - Muang Khoua

DAY 07

Cruise on the Nam Ou river in local boat

Morning cruise in a traditional boat on the NamOu River. These astonishing landscapes make all the splendor of Laos: sheaves of bamboos, vertiginous cliffs ... Meeting with the Laotian weavers and fishermen. Walk along the river and in the hinterland on the track leading to a Hmong village. It is amazing with its houses surrounded by green squares clean and neat. Dinner and stay overnight in the village.

Meals : B, L, D  //  Night : homestay

Itinerary : Muang Khoua - Hmong village

Activities : 4h cruising + 1h30 hiking

DAY 08

Discover the country Hmong

Day trekking in primary jungle and bamboo forests. It offers magnificent views above the surrounding mountains and an epic passage in a chaos of rocks. On the way, you will probably meet Hmong people with their famous hood. Arrival in a high mountain Hmong village by the end of the day. Dinner and stay overnight in the village.

Meals : B, L, D  //  Night : homestay

Itinerary : Hmong village - Hmong village

Activities : 6-7h hiking (950m uphill)

DAY 09

Sanctuary caves of PakOu

After enjoying the hospitality of a Hmong family in a typical house, exploration of the village to discover its craft activities. Departure by minivan towards the valley on a track leading to a village of Tay Lue weavers. On the way, visit of the famous PakOu caves along the Mekong River. These host thousands of Buddha statues adorned with red and gold tones, altered by the weather. Arrival in Luang Prabang by the end of the day.

Meals : B, L, -  //  Night : charming hotel

Itinerary : Hmong Village - PakOu Caves - Luang Prabang

DAY 10

Hiking at KuangSi waterfalls

At sunrise, volunteers can attend the traditional ceremony of almsgiving to the monks (without guide). Then, departure by minivan on mountain tracks to reach and visit a village of the Hmong ethnic group. Hike in nature for 3h to reach the spring of the impressive Kuang Si waterfalls located in the jungle. Afternoon free at the waterfall, swimming, exploring, visiting the bear sanctuary.

Meals : B, L, -  //  Night : charming hotel

Itinerary : Luang Prabang - KuangSi

Activities : 2h30 hiking

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