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Enfants du Laos, humanitarian organizati

Our Humanitarian commitment

in collaboration with local population

Opt for a fair trip to Laos

Opt for a fair and united trip towards local populations

By traveling with our travel agency, you help support the association "Enfants du Laos" that we have created

and are sponsoring. We donate USD 10 per traveler to help with the maintenance of the computer school

that we built and thus develop education in remote villages.

Our association Enfants du Laos to develop access to education in the ethnic groups villages to enable children to have a better future on their own.

These villages lack resources and school supplies, which is why we strive to develop infrastructure and are introducing them of education systems.

In the meantime, our long-term goals are to provide lasting assistance and autonomy to families to contribute to the education of their children and ensure a more serene professional future. 

What you can do during your trip in Laos


A part of our yearly incomes also goes for donations for different occasions during the year. Some European associations or our travelers are also participating in donations every year when they visit us and bring school furniture in the village where we stay overnight with the group. Our goal is not to ask you for money but let you know what people need.

So you can either buy some furniture in Laos

before visiting a village or bring some things in your luggage :

- Clothes (winter are also welcome because the winter can be rude up in the mountains)

- Footballs or volley balls, Skipping rope,..

- teeth brush

- Kid books with images

- School furniture (pens, notebooks ...)

- Carpets for the class (easily found in Laos)

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We are very pleased to have the chance to get involved in this beautiful project which aims to provide additional tools and knowledge to local kids and encourage them to continue their studies. Nowadays, only few of them attend middle-school, most of them stop after primary school to work in the fields with their parents.

The construction of the room began back in March 2018 and was completed around one year later. It is equipped with about fifteen computers. This allows 225 primary school students as well as adult volunteers in the village to access English lessons and computer tools.


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