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Laos is the last Asian country to have preserved its authentic and wild aspects.

We see motor-biking as the best way to reach the unexplored areas, where the landscapes are breathtaking and the tribes untouched.

Mountain paths, jungle trails, rice fields single tracks, river crossings and bamboo bridges… Get prepared for a unique adventure !




Laos is the best playground for motorbike adventures ! Its mountainous trails, its single-tracks through the rice fields, its charming inhabitants always ready to share some local alcohol.

We regularly survey our trails so as we can guarantee a perfect itinerary, and know all the bypasses in case of a high river, a mud slide, or any problem. We propose you to explore this country in the most authentic way, with no intermediary, in direct contact with local people.

Our bikes are Honda CRF250-L, light and agile, perfect for the trails. We follow the maintenance ourselves so as we can insure a trip with no main mechanic issue.

We choose the most favorable trading conditions for all partners. In our opinion, always trying to lower our partners’ prices leads to exploitation and loss of quality control. What we want is providing you the best quality of service that we can offer, while respecting our local partners. We seriously take in account local communities, their laws, their customs, traditions and cultural characteristics.

Our equipment for motorcycle tours, we pay great attention to the motorcycles and equipment that we provide during our tours.


Not any XR250 old style, not any antic Baja250, only new CRF250-L Brand New !

What makes the difference is a brand new fleet of CFR-L250. Our motorcycles are part of our family, a team of 2 mechanic guys are dedicated to their maintenance. Supplied by HONDA Thailand, our motorcycle are in excellent condition. All spare parts are from Honda Thailand.



Your ride, we care ! We provide all your equipment for your safety during your motorbike tour in Laos. 

Nothing is more fun than feeling safe while riding a 250cc motorbike in the dirt trails of Laos.


Our motorcycle team based at Luang Prabang Laos will not let you start a tour without all your equipment !

We provide all your equipment for a safe travel in Laos!

  • Helmet

  • Jacket with protectors

  • Gloves

  • Goggles

  • Knee pads

  • Boots


All our equiment is clean and washed by a local professional laudry.

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Would you like more information ? Are you ready to organize your motorcycle tour in Laos ?

Alex, January 2017
Fantastic trip ! The best offroad trip we have ever had ! We have been going for motorbike trips in Asia for a few years, but this year's trip with Charlie's company Offroad Laos Adventures has been the best ever.
At the time of booking, we were not sure if to go with Charlie's proposal because it was more expensive than all the other alternatives that we had . 
Eventually we decided to trust him and that turned out to be the right choice. You pay more but you get much more. 
With Charlie and his team, we got great service, peace of mind, friendly people, and we had to worry about nothing else than enjoying the driving and the adventure !!!
Sarah, February 2018
A once in a lifetime trip through gorgeous Laos and along the meandering Mekong. Professional organization made sure we never lacked anything. Overnight stays are basic, but charming. Our Lao guide Kai made this ride even more unforgettable: not only because he is so easy-going and knows how to deal with every situation (plus he's a great cook ;-) ) but mostly because he loves and respects his country so much. Having started the tour without any offroad experience: in retrospect I would say that it would be better to already have some experience, as a longer tour like this can be quite demanding (physically as well as mentally) if you've never ridden offroad before. In any case there's plenty of tarmac in between to catch your breath ;-)
DR Hoskin, October 2016
This was one of best off road tours, I have experienced in many different Asian country's. Off Road Adventures were also by far the most professional company I have toured with. Charly Renaudin who runs the company, took great pride in making sure I had a great time. Unfortunately my friend Richard who was also book to travel, was unable due to recent leg operation. So just me and my local Laos guide, BIG (Yaii) who was great company, and a good rider showed me the spectacular mountain rides of Northern Laos. But I can highly recommend them, Thank you Off Road Adventures.
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