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How to choose the perfect travel insurance before travelling to Laos ?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Here are few pieces of info to help you enjoy your holidays peacefully.

Choosing the right travel insurance is essential for peaceful holidays. Whether you travel alone or with your family, 1 week or 3 months, next to your home or on the other side of the world, the different insurance providers can cover everything. It's up to you to choose your criteria according to the trip that you have planned. Through this article, we will give you some answers to go on vacation peacefully and enjoy your stay the best way ever.

Get a precise idea of your trip

Before buying a travel insurance, you must have a precise vision of your stay. You need to know which destination you choose, for how long, how many people would need this coverage. It is also essential to list the activities that may be at risk. In addition to that, having a general idea of ​​the budget for your vacation is also recommended. From this moment, you will be able to start to approach the various providers of travel insurance with all the data in your hands.

Check your bank insurance …

Before taking out additional insurance, check what is already covered by your bank. Indeed, when you prepare your trip, you will probably be making purchases before your stay. For example, you will pay for airline tickets or book hotel nights. Paying these things with your credit card will allow you to get a first coverage. Some banks, for example, will provide cancellation insurance for your international flights. So you have to check exactly what is covered, and up to what limit. This will prevent you from being insured twice for the same thing. And it will also allow you to know exactly what you expect from your complementary insurance.

…And what travel agencies guarantee

Now that you know what your bank covers, it's time to take a look at what your travel agencies are offering. Indeed, as you have already paid for your flight tickets, you have also probably already booked things to do on the place of your vacation. Whether it’s hiking, motorcycle tours, or any other activity, the travel agency necessarily offers guarantees. For example, if you book an ADV trip, what happens if you have an accident? Who will pay the repairs? It is essential for you to read the contract you have with the agency to find out what is covered or not. This will allow you to know what to include in your complementary travel insurance.

What do you want to get covered ?

You now know all the details of your trip, your bank coverage, as well as travel agency guarantees. It is now time to consult the various complementary insurance providers. For that, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the services that you want to be covered. Cancellation, medical repatriation, baggage loss, risky activities, what do you prefer? If, for example, one of you has a fragile health, it would be relevant to look into the conditions of medical repatriation or medical expenses refund. Moreover, if you plan a risky activity, such as a motorcycle adventure, you should tell your insurer about it to ensure optimal coverage. Once the first quotes are received, check the inclusions / exclusions, as well as the refund limits and thresholds. This can be a long task, but it is essential for peaceful holidays.

You now have all the details in your hands to start soliciting insurers. If you want more practical information about trip preparations, we recommend you to read our article about "how to prepare your trip". The goal for us, as a travel agency, is that you plan your vacation in peace. And once arrived at the place of your holidays, you only have to enjoy your stay. So be prepared, and ORLA Tours wishes you a wonderful stay!

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