Travel in Laos with your family, visit Luang Prabang with kids

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

You are planning a family trip to Southeast Asia but still not sure about the destination? Difficult to find a country that combines security, hospitality, and activities fitted for kids. At ORLA TOURS, we are convinced that Luang Prabang in Laos is the ideal place for family holidays :) Buddhist rites, encounters with animals, crafts, fun activities, Off Road reveals its tricks for beautiful discoveries in family! So take note and get ready for a trip to Laos that will delight everyone 😊

Cultural visit of Luang Prabang, a charming UNESCO World Heritage Site

Here we won’t talk about boring cultural visits but fun activities that appeal to young and old. By participating at these workshops, you support the inhabitants as well as the cultural and artisanal heritage of the villages.

Visit Luang Prabang by bike

Visiting a city by foot can be long, especially when the kids are tired. Cycling is a great way to explore Luang Prabang. The city is rather small and all the main temples are concentrated on the peninsula. You will not have to ride long distances and the bikes are ideal for strolling through the charming alleys of the historic part of town. You just need to bring a map, and go !

Attend the alms giving ceremony, the Tak Bat

This is the traditional Buddhist ceremony that you shouldn’t miss. At dawn, the monks leave the temples and wait in long lines to receive their daily meal. Attending this event involves being outside around 5:40am, but it's definitely worth it. Parents will be thrilled with the magical aspect of this event, whereas children will no doubt be amazed to see monks of their same age participating in this ritual.

>> How to attend the alms giving ceremony, read the article

Discover crafts and traditional skills by attending workshops with locals

Pottery lessons at Ban Chan village

This workshop open to tourists is a very interesting project whose objective is to maintain the practice of pottery in a village. This craft has made the village’s reputation, thanks to the production of vases, bowls, amphorae, lanterns. However, it tends to disappear as most of the young people leave the village for an easier life in the city. This brand-new project aims to improve the lives of people while promoting their crafts through tourism. We strongly recommend that you attend a workshop in Ban Chan. The locals will teach you how to turn the clay, to carve, and the youngest ones will be able to paint molds of animals. Fun, interesting, captivating, do not miss it.

>> Watch a video

In Laos, bamboo is used for everything! Bamboo experience

Bamboo is present absolutely everywhere in Laos. It’s used as a building material, decorative element, kitchen utensil, musical instrument, it is also eaten! The list is very long ... Bamboo Experience explains the different uses of bamboo. Laotians will teach you to weave baskets, toys, tools, ... you will also learn how to cook bamboo during a cooking class. It's a super fun way to discover a lot about this key material of Lao culture.

>> Visit the Bamboo Experience website

Visit a village school and play with local kids

Access to education is still limited in the Laotian countryside. Infrastructure is lacking, and many children stop after primary school. We think that it is important to discover this aspect of Laos because it allows us to rethink our conditions of life in modern countries. It's a bit of a life lesson :) Visiting a school also allows your kids to share a great moment of complicity with local students. They will be very happy to show you how they play football, skipping rope, or "Batiloun" their local dodgeball.

Learn how to grow rice in the Kamu Lodge pedagogic farm

When we talk about Laos, we think of the rice fields. Cultivation methods are constantly evolving, but it is still planted by hand. At the Kamu Lodge, you can try this manual cultivation technique. And you can also learn to fish with the net, to shoot with the crossbow, to look out for gold, so many activities which make it possible to learn more about the local know-how while having fun.

>> Visit the Kamu Lodge website

Cook traditional lao dishes

Asian cuisine has become quite famous in Europe. But have you heard of Laotian recipes? It is very possible that no. However, its exotic flavors, its scents of ginger, galangal, basilic and its citronella aromas are definitely worth a try. So, what about learning to cook like locals? This is what chef Linda offers you through her cooking classes. It's friendly, fitted for child, and you'll come back to your hometown with a little book of traditional recipes.

>> Visit the website of the Bamboo Tree Cooking School

Spend 1 or 2 days in a small weaving village of the Tay Lue tribe, Banlue Handicraft

There are still many looms in Laos. Moreover, few ethnic groups are specialized in weaving, sewing and also coloring. From elements present in nature, they make their own cottons or silk, and manage to create many colors. So, do you feel the soul of making your own scarf? Banlue Handicraft is exactly what you need. The youngest will have fun especially when it is necessary to soak the tissues in the pigments to color them. It is possible to sleep in the village in a traditional house. It will be the opportunity to discover the daily life of this TayLue ethnic group and also share unforgettable moments with them.

>> Visit the facebook page of Banlue Handicraft

We hope this article will have convinced you: Luang Prabang is ideal for a cultural family trip. You will discover another aspect of Southeast Asia, far away from mass tourism, or hectic capital, where you are invited to take your time :) In a next article, we will talk about the sports and outdoor activities that all the family will love!

And, if you need help to organize your holiday, contact us. We will create together a tailor-made program that will fit your expectations and please your kids.

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