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Accommodation in Laos - How is it like to stay overnight in a Lao village? Come and spend a night ho

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

At ORLA Tours, we always look for the best experience for our clients and for them to discover Laos, which is an authentic country with a preserved heritage and a charming population . In previous articles, we told you about accommodation, more specifically, guesthouses and luxury hotels. But for a total immersion and also to meet the locals, there is nothing better than to sleep at the inhabitant.

Discover the daily life of a village

Villages are often isolated in mountains or countryside, and surrounded by rice fields, millet fields or maize. They consist of traditional houses, made of wood and bamboo, with a dirt floor. These are sometimes in the middle of a square of grass. The richest families are able to build bricks and get access to electricity. Generally, there is no access to tap water, but few fountains in the village. We often find one or two small "grocery stores" selling some products available according to the supply such as soda, beerlao, bottled water, shampoo, ...

The atmosphere of the villages is very lively and friendly mainly in the morning and by the end of the afternoon when the inhabitants no longer work in the rice fields. All the daily life takes place outdoors and the families are numerous. Children play and run everywhere, caring for each other. Livestock, pigs, poultry, cows, buffaloes and dogs are free and move around the village. Visiting and spending the morning (if you get up at dawn) or the evening in a Laotian village is always a real time travel! It's also the best way to meet local people, play with children, ...

Sleep in a traditional house

You will sleep in a room or dormitory in the village or in the guest-house of the village. First of all, be warned that it is very spartan and minimal cleanliness. You will usually be in the same room (it will depend on the size of the group) on small mattresses on a wooden and bamboo structure, and under mosquito net. Don’t pay too much attention to the cleanliness of the sheets and blankets that will be provided ... There is no light in the village at night, so if you have to go to the toilets, do not forget to bring a flashlight with you. You can also bring a very thin sheet if you are concerned about hygiene.

Enjoy an authentic shower in the village

There is no real bathroom thus don’t even think about hot water. There may be a small hut with a tap, but in most of the cases, local people wash themselves at one of the village's fountains or even at the river. Men wash in underwear while women cover their bodies with a large towel. We advise you to bring a light and ample dress to be able to wash under or a swimsuit and a sarong. Toilets are usually in a small isolated cabin. You should also bring flip-flops, a small bath towel, toilet paper and all the stuffyou’re your personal hygiene.

What will you eat ? Local food

The local cuisine is based on rice, mostly sticky and eaten with the fingers. It is usually served with poultry and fish. The vegetables are varied and numerous. Soups, omelets, fruits are the daily dishes even for breakfast. They don’t have fridge, thus everything is very fresh! You will not find bread, butter, jam, or dairy products (hard to keep and not part of their diet) ... Moreover, meals are made at home, if you wish you can cook with the family or your guide if you ask. The kitchen consists in a fire on the floor, surrounded by some utensils.

If you are looking for authenticity, culture and discovery, there is nothing better than sleeping in a village in Laos. The travel agency OFFROAD LAOS AVENTURES takes advantage of its knowledge and expertise in tribes and ethnicities allowing you to discover for a moment their everyday life so different from ours. This is a unique experience that will leave you unforgettable memories.

You will attend the preparation of meals, you will discover the inside of a traditional house. Spend a night in total immersion in a remote village is a cultural experience that you will not live again soon !

OFFROAD LAOS ADVENTURES - Creator of unique immersive tours in Laos

Our travel agency ORLA Tours is a French-Laotian agency which means a lot in terms of immersion. Since 2000, the two co-owners - Phasouk and Charly - have traveled around Laos to find the best paths and tracks. This constant search allows us to offer you unique and customizable tours for holidays that fit you perfectly. If you have a question about our immersion holidays, do not hesitate to contact our Adventure Expert at OFFROAD LAOS AVENTURES.

What about you, would you rather go for a guesthouse, hotel or homestay ?

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