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Enjoy an off-the-beaten-tracks responsible travel in Thailand

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Ecological impact has become a major issue for tourism in the country of the smile. In order to make a trip a beneficial exchange between adventurers and local communities, the only alternative is ecotourism. This getaway allows to escape in natural spaces, while promoting the preservation of the environment during the stay. Becoming a true responsible traveler requires a lot of commitment. To deserve this title, it is not enough to walk in the heart of the forest, it’s necessary to work for the good of the population.

Few itinerary ideas to do some ecotourism in Thailand

There are better initiatives for Thai ecotourism. They allow adventurers to get away from the mass tourism industry. Thanks to this formula, the discovery of an authentic and preserved Thailand. Moreover, it should be noted that green tourism guarantees a wonderful trip in the middle of nature. To begin this getaway, a hike in the Khal Sok National Park will leave unforgettable memories. There, entrance fees are intended for the maintenance and the preservation of the park. By using the services of a guide, tourists contribute to the well-being of the population. The visit of the gibbon rehabilitation center in Phuket is also a must-do. During this educational visit, entrance fees will be used to finance a project and raise the awareness of globe-trotters. They will have the opportunity to attend elephant protection programs.

Prefer different encounters and visits of natural sites

To complete the tours and ecotourism in Thailand, spending a day sharing and talking with local people guarantees a whole new craze for visitors. In fact, this enriching encounter with a Thai family provides the opportunity to learn the traditional customs of the country. In this way, we can easily share scenes of daily life without any hesitation. Thai ecotourism also offers the opportunity to observe bird species in the great ornithological reserve of the region. In order to make the most of it, a visit to Phattalung is essential. To vary the pleasures, a stop in local associations is not to be missed. Otherwise, it is always possible to meet the natives. These people know by heart all the corners of the jungle. They are able to point out the best aspects for a successful ecological journey in Thailand.

The right way to behave to be a responsible traveler in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand meets all the desires of tourists looking for a complete change of scenery. During an ecotourism-based getaway, they must still follow few advices to respect the environment. These are also added among the behaviors to have in the company of Thais. The adepts of photography must, for example, speak with the inhabitants before taking a picture of them. In Thailand, the request for agreement of a person is essential and strongly recommended. In other cases, it should be noted that the country of the smile enjoys a warm and temperate climate. In this sense, you have to pay attention to water consumption. It is also recommended not to take endless showers as well as several of them, only when necessary. Another responsible behavior is also to be adopted during an ecological trip in Thailand.

What you have to remember to complete an eco-responsible travel in Thailand

This generally concerns out-of-the-box activities. Indeed, tourists must always respect their itinerary which is previously marked. This attitude particularly contributes to the preservation of fragile or endangered plant species. During a responsible journey, waste management is also important for the respect of the environment. To do this, it is better to avoid carrying too much plastic packaging. Before leaving, do not forget not to leave garbage on site. It is also forbidden to feed wild animals. Regarding the dress code, it must also respect the local culture. As an example, when visiting a temple, the legs and shoulders should be covered. What is also beneficial for the Thai population is the purchase of local products, whether in gastronomy or other handicrafts.

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