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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Why our tours are so authentic ?

An adventures of a lifetime

My adventure in Laos, encountering local tribes, represents now the half of my life. Already in France, the familial house was decorated in Lao style following the several journeys of my parents from the late 1980s to 2000. They have founded their travel agencies in Thailand and Laos, and then built hotels & boats for their customers.

Back in 2000, it was enough discovering Laos with their photo albums, so I decided to explore Laos by myself. I bought a one way trip, with two childhood friends, in order to help my family building their two first hotels ("Elephant Lodge" in Hongsa, and "Pakbeng Lodge" in Pakbeng). This way, I started my new function of adventure tour tracker, surveying for new paths in the jungle to propose to travelers.

All these years were the opportunity to go throughout the country many times and in many ways as trekking, motorbiking, boat cruising, mountain biking... On the Mekong river, through the jungle, rice fields and mountains always heading to meet remote tribes. Thanks to extensive field and local cultures experience, and in collaboration with my Lao lifelong friend and associate Phasouk Vansavath, I made my dream come true: founding my own travel agency ORLA TOURS.

From my early steps in Laos to now, we have together walked down the most isolated trails and paths of this country. Still in 2017, each time we go on survey, I realize that Laos is always mysterious with many secrets to reveal and share with our dear travelers.

Our duty toward you

Laos is still a not well known country for the rest of the world. Located in South-East Asia, it's landlocked between Thailand, Vietnam, China, Myanmar and Cambodia. This little country is quite a curiosity by its serenity, authenticity and cultural diversity but also for its tribes and stunning landscapes.

Our role as adventure tours designer is to share with you our field experience, and then be the link between you and the authentic local tribes. You will live unforgettable moments with them, let you be guided by a flawless organization respectful of the environment and the local communities.

We propose you a tailor-made adventure tour, through time, to discover this jewel of Indochina, Laos.

While waiting to have the pleasure of reading to you, the whole ORLA TOURS team wishes you to spend great summer holidays, authentic and adventurous, wherever you go !!!

Khop tchaï laï laï, Thanks a lot

Charly Renaudin

Pictures of my adventures in Laos

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