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Laos Buffalo Dairy, Homemade Cheese in Luang Prabang !

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Laos Buffalo Dairy, Homemade Cheese in Luang Prabang !

Our visit of the first dairy in the country

Once upon a time, two women with a great idea : make cheese from buffalo’s milk. After two years of preparation, this project seriously takes shape, with already 100 buffalo, and several kinds of cheese.

Their mozzarella is simply delicious, and all of their products have to be tasted: chocolate or coffee ice-cream, cheese cake, yogurt, feta, and soon some blue cheese!! But this place is not just a dairy.

The team has chosen to rent buffalos from farmers nearby. So as local people are also involved in this project, and get a regular wage which they really need. The health of their animals is also taken in charge by the farm, as they are vaccinated, and monitored by a team of veterinaries all along their stay.

Only local people work at the dairy, and there are as many women as men. In addition to get familiarized with a new job, they also learn to speak English!

The fairy is also a place for experimenting healthy and sustainable organic agriculture. They produce and use compost to grow vegetables. In a country where slash-and-burn techniques are mostly used, developing new methods respectful for the environment is really important.

Moreover, two Indian buffalos have been brought to the farm in order to diversify the DNA of local buffalos. As a consequence, many health issues due to a too small animal population will be avoided.

This is therefore a real sustainable institution which is being created. Ideally located on the road to Kuang Si, this dairy is definitely a must-seen in Laos.

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