Laos dam broke flooding to Attapeu. How to help ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

You might have recently heard about the broken dam down to Attapeu, Laos.

Provincial authorities of Attapeu confirmed on Monday that the Xe-Pian Dam breached its banks, leading to millions of tons of water inundating the local area.

It says that more than 6 000 thousands of families have lost their homes and livelihoods :(

Lao government and the military are currently coordinating help but they might still need your help !

Our team at ORLA TOURS encouraged you to donate to the cause and ensure the victims receive much needed relief, including food, clothing, towels and blankets, shoes, and sanitary products.

We have made already a donation that is soon flying down to the South.

For the people of Attapeu in southern Laos who are suffering from the dam that broke. Here is our help in clothes, foods, shoes, we are wholeheartedly with you. We send you more things very quickly !

From now, How can I help ?

Here is a reliable list of options :


The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR (ECCIL)

The ECCIL is a registered chamber of commerce operating in the Lao PDR. It has pledged its support for the flood victims and is accepting donations at the following bank account:

Bank: Banque Franco-Lao Limited

Account number: 001000085711010028

Account name: European Chamber of Commerce in Lao



BCEL One Heart The BCEL One e-banking application now allows for direct donations via the One Heart icon in the app menu. A form of charitable crowdfunding, One Heart has set a target for 2 billion kip (approximately US$238,000) All funds will be reliably disbursed to the cause.

A lot of friends are since today delivering to our offices : food, clothes, soap, toothbrush, shoes, mosquito repellent, rubber boots... for our next delivery to help Attapeu. If you need more info about how to donate, please contact our team at

Thanks from Laos 🙏

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