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Laos Ultra Trail 2017, the greatest wild race in Southeast Asia

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The starting date is now approaching for the most requested running race in Laos : the Laos Wild Ultra Trail. 40 runners and walkers have prepared themselves intensively for these 125 km.

5 days into the jungle with 25 km per day in the North of the country.

Ultra Trail of Laos | Off Road Laos Adventures

Sleeping in a tent on a wild shore of the Mekong River and spending a night in a tribe village are parts of this adventure through authentic traditionnal villages. This year, all the events will take place along the Mekong River and the participants will go from one event to the next one by cruising in our luxury wooden boat.

Each day, doctors and French nurses will be standing every 8km equipped with first aid kit and talky-walky to ensure the safety of runners.

During the races, our team of top level trackers will run all the way from the start to the finish lines and way back to support the athletes during the difficult moments. Safety and fun!

We just come back from our 4th survey of the itinerary to officially validate the route with the director before the real start on November 20th. Here are few words of his to his dear runners : "The latest survey to refine the layout and make the final adjustments have just ended. Everything is set in the tiniest detail: we have even tasted the Mojitos along the Mekong at sunset. We promise you an authentic Laos Raid, surprising and exotic. "

Sport is not the only interest of this event, humanitarian actions are a great part as well. Indeed, several donations to schools will be held during the race, thanks to the association "Children of Laos" (Enfants du Laos).

Here are several pictures of the latest places we went through:

- Here are few pictures of the previous races

- Here is a clip about the race held in 2016

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