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Promoting Tourism in Laos - LUTA & PUM Get United for a Very Special Training

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

At the request of the LUTA’s manager, the NGO PUM (Netherlands Senior Experts) sent one of its expert, Wim Butte to Luang Prabang to provide tourism courses.

Jeremy and Marion have represented ORLA TOURS agency during these two days of courses hosted by the chamber of commerce and industry of Luang Prabang. 11 local agencies have participated to this event and learnt a lot from the knowledge of the Dutch expert, going through marketing bases, web site creating, and sales method.

Promoting Tourism in Laos - LUTA & PUM Get United for a Very Special Training

What is LUTA ?

Luang Prabang Travel Agent Association

The association of Luang Prabang travel agencies was founded in 2000. It gathers tour operators and travel agencies of the UNESCO city. It is the representative for the tourism bureau of Luang Prabang and governmental authorities.

Learn more about LUTA :

What is Pum Ngo ?

PUM is a dutch non-governmental organization, whose aim is to share knowledge of senior experts to small companies implanted in developing countries. The courses provided go from tourism, agriculture, to health or construction.

Volunteer PUM experts are retired people with at least a 30 years experience in their field of activities. This ONG pays for flight to the destination country, while the receiving company pays for accommodation and food of the expert.

Learn more about PUM :

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