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What are the best restaurants and massage parlors in Luang Prabang ?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Luang Prabang is the paradise for lovers of chilling and relaxing. The many massage parlors, restaurants and bars are as many opportunities to enjoy the present time in a gentle way. But, how to choose as the offer is quite varied? The ORLA TOURS team is here to help you. We will tell you our favorite places to spend a nice time in Luang Prabang. We tried them all, so you can trust us 😊

What are the best massage parlors in Luang Prabang ?

Enjoying a massage is the best way to end an intense day of visiting or hiking. The city is full of places to relax but the quality of services offered is unfortunately very variable. Thus, we recommend you two establishments. The massages there are done by qualified staff, the quality is constant and it's clean :)

Le Frangipanier also called Frangipani SPA

Located in a small street perpendicular to the main street, calm and serenity are the key words.

We particularly advise you the traditional Lao massage. You are given pants and a loose T-shirt, so you stay dressed and there is no oil.

This massage is characterized by pressure on specific points of the body. It's quite tonic so do not expect to take a nap !

The benefits are not felt right away. But after only few hours, you will feel your muscles relax. If you have muscle aches, it’s the ideal way to make them go! You can also go for oil massages, which are much more relaxing :)

>> Budget: Starting at 6$/hour


This place is located on the main street, right next to the restaurant “Le Banneton”. Our advice to chill after a long day of walking: The traditional Lao foot massage. There is no better way to relax. They use a wooden utensil to apply pressure points. Close your eyes and let yourself go 😊

>> Budget: Starting at 5$/hour

What are our best restaurants for lao food in Luang Prabang ?

As for the massage parlors, the restaurants offering Laotian dishes are very numerous. And again, the quality is very variable! Here are our recommendations to make the most of this exotic and refined cuisine.

Bamboo Tree, Nam Khan and Vatsene

The two Bamboo tree restaurants are owned by Lynda, heir to the family's passion for cooking. One is located on the main street away from the tourist stream, right in front of the VatSene temple. The place is calm and quiet, you can eat on the terrace while enjoying the view of the temple. The second is in front of the Nam Khan River. You can eat traditional and family cuisine prepared by Chef Lynda. The discovery sets are composed of several typical dishes, allowing you to taste several flavors.

>> Budget: starting from 4$/dish

Le Calao

The Calao offers delicious Laotian and ethnic dishes as well as western dishes (for those who are fed up with eating rice), with a signature focus on traditional Laotian cuisine. You will discover a variety of gastronomic ambiences while enjoying an exceptional view of the Mekong. Their Sunday brunch buffet is the perfect mix of the best Laotian dishes with including breakfasts.

>> Budget: starting from 4$/dish

Dyen Sabaï

According to us, this is the perfect place to discover the traditional Lao barbecue, also called Sindat or hot pot. You can grill your meat while enjoying vegetables marinated in broth. The place is really charming and friendly.

>> Budget: starting from 6€/barbecue set

The blue restaurant

This small local restaurant has no official name. Thus, we named it the blue restaurant because of the color of its front doors. It is run by a whole family, daddy in the kitchen, the mother at the preparation, and sometimes the children in the service when they do not have school. Real authentic cuisine with Thai influences, we love it!

>> Budget: starting from 2$/dish

Street food stands

For those who want to eat quickly, Luang Prabang is full of many street stalls. Grilled meat, sautéed vegetables, fried rice, there is something for everyone.

>> Budget: starting from 0,5$/skewer

What are our best "falang" restaurants in Luang Prabang ?

Fed up with lao food, you need to eat Western flavors? It can be understood, as the local food is different from Western cuisine. Here is our selection of restaurants to taste European dishes without spending a ton of money.


Our favorite one. The Mediterranean cuisine is fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is friendly and warm. We especially recommend gnocchis, they are exceptional!

>> Budget: Around 3$/4$ per dish

Pizza Phan Luang

Located a little isolated from the city, it has an intimate atmosphere. You will enjoy the best pizzas in town in a jazzy atmosphere. Ideal for a romantic evening, or a family meal.

>> Budget: starting from 6$/pizza

Bistro Pastis

This restaurant is pretty well hidden, but it’s absolutely worth it! Duck breast, steak, tartare, we are talking about generous and tasty cuisine. You can also enjoy a homemade pastis, simply delicious.

>> Budget: starting from 6$/dish

Where to have a drink in Luang Prabang ?

What's better than a cold beer after a long day? a cocktail? Or a smoothie? In the city center or along the Mekong, there are many possibilities. Here is our top 3.

Main street

The tourist street offers many restaurants and bars. Let’s say it, a beer is a beer, thus you can base your choice of bar on the atmosphere that suits you best. Most of the time, the card is displayed outside and allows you to check the prices without entering.

Terraces along the Mekong river

Want to have a drink while watching the sunset on the Mekong? It's absolutely possible. Many restaurants and stalls are installed along the mythical river. You just have to walk and stop where you find the most beautiful view.

>> Budget: Around 1$/beer

Luang Prabang offers a wide choice of restaurants, bars, massage parlors ... it is sometimes a bit difficult to navigate. We hope that this article will help you spend a very good time in town ! And if you are looking for a place to stay, check out our article about accommodation in Luang Prabang.

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