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Why should you choose Laos for your incentive, seminar or team-building travel ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A bonded and motivated team is essential for a company. One of the solutions to get it? The incentive trip. Going abroad is a great way to bond, boost, and motivate your employees. Of course, it has a cost, but the benefits are extraordinary. At ORLA Tours, we are experts in handling large groups and in the organizing business seminars. In this article, we explain why Laos is the ideal destination for your incentive trip. Enjoy the reading !

What is an incentive trip in the first place ?

Let's start with the beginning: what is an incentive trip? It is a generic term that includes several types of stays. We can thus find the reward trip to congratulate its employees after good results, there is also the motivation or stimulation one to boost your colleagues before or after hard times, and finally, the team-building to bond one’s team after a reshuffle for example. Here is for the semantic part.

Why should you choose Laos for your incentive trip ?

The choice of the destination is obviously crucial for a successful trip. For example, going to Alaska is not a good idea if you are looking for a sunny beachside trip. It is therefore necessary to choose a country which matches not only to your expectations in terms of landscapes, activities and services, but also with your budget.

Son Why Laos? Because it is one of the last Asian countries to have preserved its authenticity. The population is very welcoming, the landscapes are varied, and the offer of accommodation is very vast. And yes, despite its late opening to tourism (in 1990), the country can already provide a wide range of infrastructures. Thus, several restaurants, hotels, and resorts equal European standards.

It’s therefore possible to organize team-building sports adventures with modest comfort, as well as discovery seminars in beautiful hotels.

ORLA Tours, agency specialized in customized tours for private groups

What is our strong point ? We are experts in designing unique trips. All our tours are adapted to the expectations and desires of our customers. So, whether you are looking for an expedition for adventurers or a relaxing holiday with colleagues, we will know how to create the perfectly fitted program. You want to organize conferences in a meeting room? No problem. A sunset dinner on a private boat on the Mekong ? We can handle that.

Here are few things that we absolutely recommend you.

For a reward trip, the must-sees are :

- Cultural visit of Luang Prabang, discover the omnipresent Buddhism and pagodas

- Combined travel with Cambodia (city of Angkor)

- Private Mekong cruise, with dinner at sunset

- Elephant ride in Luang Prabang or stay at Sayaboury camp for 1 or 2 nights

- Gala Dinner alongside a swimming pool

- Unforgettable nights in charming hotels or resorts

- Traditional welcoming ceremony (Baci) and traditional dance show

If you are planning a team-building trip, we advise you:

- Hiking, kayaking, zip-lining or biking

- At least one stay overnight in a tribe village, that bonds a team for sure!

- Team-building activities at the Kamu Lodge

- Local craft workshops, pottery, weaving, etc... with local craftsmen

- Cruise - camping on the Mekong, night on a private beach

Here are few examples of incentive and team-building travels that our agency can offer you:

To give you some ideas to start with, we have developed 3 circuits. They are generally used as a base that we adapt according to your desires and expectations.

>> Team-building tour in Luang Prabang, 8 days

This is the ideal tour to bond and energize a team. It is a mix of cultural essentials, craft activities, Buddhist ceremonies. The highlight of this tour: discovering rural Laos. You will learn how to plant rice by hand, work the soil using a buffalo, net fishing in the Mekong, ...

>> Jewels of Asia, Luang Prabang & Angkor, 13 days

13 days of charm and cultural immersion. This is the perfect program for a reward trip, where your staff can relax while discovering South Asian traditions. The highlight of this tour: combining Laos and Cambodia in just 13 days.

>> The must-sees from Luang Prabang to 4000 islands, 14 days

Want to relax while enjoying a complete discovery of Laos? This is the ideal program. The perfect mix of must-sees, Buddhist rites, and cruises to discover incredible landscapes. The highlight of this tour: the 4000 islands area. This little paradise on earth is the dream place for any lover of relaxing.

How to we handle the logistics for big groups ?

At this point in the article, you should probably be asking yourself few questions. How will be transported? What kind of guide will accompany us? Where will we start being taken care of? Here are the answers to these questions and many others.

First of all, we have been managing large groups for more than 6 years. For instance, we have organized the Laos Raid 6 times already. This sporting event is an ultra-trail, 125 km of running spread over 5 stages. In this context, we have to handle more than 50 people: runners, medical staff, partners and local guides. Transport, accommodation, catering, ... our logistics, complete and flawless, is always a great success !

During your trip, we deploy the same quality of supervision. All your on-road transfers are in private and air-conditioned minivan with a maximum of 8 people in each of them. Your cruises, too, are done on private and perfectly safe traditional boats. Your guide is selected according to his experience and his competence on the chosen itinerary. He is used to manage large groups. We select the best accommodations according to your budget as well as your expectations in terms of comfort. We take care of you upon your arrival at the airport in Laos, until your way-back flight.

As you can see, this seamless logistics leaves you the joy of enjoying 100% of your trip.

Our extra touch: travelling with ORLA Tours means opting for a fair and responsible tour, respectful for local communities

At ORLA Tours, we know that the human aspect is an important part of any incentive trip. That's why we focus on meetings with local communities. It is also why, we do our best, at our scale, to improve the living conditions of isolated villages. In the price of your trip, 10 $ per person are donated to the association Children of Laos.

Their goal ? Develop education in tribe villages isolated in the mountains. This aim is motivated by a simple observation: only few children continue their studies after primary school, limiting their professional future to work in the fields. Learning English or computing is a way for them to be able to work in the city. They will then be able to help their family and their village who often live in precarious conditions.

We hope that through this article, we will have convinced you: Laos is the ideal destination for an incentive trip. Our agency will organize a trip that perfectly matches your expectations, your budget and your desires. So do not hesitate anymore, contact us ! And let's start organizing your stay right now. Because, we know it, the process takes time and has to be prepared well in advance.

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