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Why should you trust a local agency to organize your holidays in Laos ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

How do you plan to organize your holidays abroad ? Crucial question. You usually have three options : book everything by yourself, pay a tour operator to take care of everything, or use the services of a local agency. In this article, we will focus on this solution. Trusting a local expert, also called DMC, is the best way to have quality services at a reasonable cost. But what does DMC mean ? What are the risks & benefits? We tell you everything in this article. Enjoy the reading !

DMC, what does it mean ?

Simply put, DMC stands for Destination Management Company. It is therefore an agency specialized in the creation, organization and realization of trips in the country where it is located. It’s also called receptive agency, or more simply of a receptive. The role of this local company is to take care of all the logistics of your stay. Guide, on-site transportation, restaurants, hotels, activities, visits, workshops, boats ... Going with a DMC means having a unique ground support contact during your stay. Rather reassuring, no? Having the guarantee of a trip without risks or bad surprises is the best way to enjoy your holidays the most.

Why prefer a travel company such as ORLA Tours ?

A traditional tour operator has the advantage of providing a contact in the traveler's hometown country. He has an agency near you where it is possible to physically exchange about your expectations regarding your trip. Which is very reassuring. He offers several countries, and if you have already been able to go with him, you know what to expect in terms of quality of his travels. The best part is that often everything is included. Neither you need to worry about booking international flights. The only bad aspect is a lack of flexibility and customization of circuits.

In the other hand, the local agency has the full expertise of the country of destination.

Our travel company ORLA Tours is a good example. The co-founders have been working together in Laos since 2000 and know this country perfectly. Charly, the French co-director, has spent half of his life there. He arrived at the age of 21 to work in the family tourism agency in charge of identifying new routes and quality control.

Phasouk, the Laotian co-director, began his career in 1999 as a French-speaking guide, tracker and guide manager. He thus knows all the concerns related to the accompaniment of groups and the organization of the circuits. Both are deeply attached to Laos, they are passionate about sharing their experience, culture and knowledge. In 2013, they opened their own company and made their dream come true by creating a travel agency at their image.

Thus, as Laos lovers and on-site experts, we are the most capable of offering personalized tours tailored to your expectations. This is the heart of our approach at ORLA Tours. Whether you are a family, a group of friends, a company for a seminar, a couple for a honeymoon, we are able to create a customized program. In addition to that, having a unique interlocutor on site who is an expert, it relieves some stress, right?

Why use the services of a local agency for your trip in southeast Asia ?

As you can see, the aim of a DMC is to offer tailor-made trips thanks to its deep knowledge of their destination and the proximity to the local service providers. Creating and organizing customized unique stays according to your expectations, this is at the heart of our philosophy. By minimizing your preparation work, we make it easy for you to organize your holidays. And once there, you just have to enjoy our flawless logistics. What if there is any problem? We are here to solve and accompany you. Pretty tempting, right? If you're still not convinced, here are 3 good reasons to trust a DMC.

1. We are your unique on-site interlocutor. Thus, no language barrier. We take care of finding the best activities and services according to your expectations. All our local service providers are reliable, tested and approved by us. No bad surprise, such as canceled reservation, or low-quality activities.

2. Tailor-made circuits created especially for you. We listen to your needs, expectations and special requests. Thus, all our tours are unique. But that's not all. We also help you by proposing thins you haven’t thought of; our capacities of creation are almost unlimited. Being specialists of Laos and still regularly on field, we will be able to offer you ideas of original and unique activities, those that are not found in the travel guides.

3. A close relationship with you. We are a small team of travel enthusiasts. A unique person will communicate with you, from the first mail exchanges, during your stay and to your return in your hometown. It is a relationship of trust that is established over time. We will take care of all the arrangements at our disposal.

Below photos, Phasouk & Charly tracking remote parts of Laos in 2001 - Phongsaly, Northern Laos

Local agencies, or DMCs, are on-site experts. Their aim: offer you unique, customized tours that exceed your expectations. Having a personal interlocutor, who adapts your stay to all your desires and who follows you throughout your vacation is rather tempting, right? If you want to live a unique adventure, at your image, do not hesitate anymore. Contact us, and let's start organizing your trip !

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