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Adventure travel in Laos, go with a local agency, custom tours, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang

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With no intermediaries between you and us, we organize 100% of our own services, giving you complete control over the quality of your adventure.

What is our role as your travel partner?

Fully legal, our agency guarantees you a safe journey through Laos. Laos is a small country, open to group tourism since 1998, and even today, some territories remain inaccessible. Tours off the beaten track are strictly controlled by the country's authorities.


From Luang Prabang, our main concern is your satisfaction during your stay and that your adventure unfolds as promised.

Before you arrive, all the details of your trip are declared and stamped by the tourist office to ensure you have a completely legal and safe trip. Any checks by the authorities on your travel documents are a formality for us. You will be accompanied only by Laotian guides with official tourist guide licenses. No foreigner is authorized to be a guide in Laos.

​Whatever type of vacation you're looking for, you'll find that our local experts are the best possible partners for preparing and carrying out your travel plans. We'll give you the keys to unusual experiences and authentic encounters that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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ORLA Tours Office Luang Prabng



Contact our international team, Charly, Vasanath, Phasouk or Ming will have the pleasure of being your privileged interlocutor to create your adventure day by day together.

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O.R.L.A Tours

(Off Road Laos Adventures, Tours)

29/2 Chaosomphou Rd., Visoun Village

Luang Prabang, LAOS


Tel: +856 71 212656

Mobile: +856 20 598 14423


Mon-Fri 8.00AM to 5PM

Saturday 8.00AM to 12AM

UTC/GMT +7 hours


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