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Weather in Laos, Best Time to Travel Laos

A tropical climate : 3 seasons


It is absolutely possible to travel in Laos all year round


Temperatures across the country vary a lot depending on the altitude, most of the country being at a level that reduces the average temperatures of the country by a few degrees. In general, central, northern and eastern regions are at a higher level than the southern regions, which are at the lowest altitude in the country. The valley of the Mekong River is very humid and temperatures exceeding 95 ° F are not unusual between March and April.
The first months of the wet season (July to October) remain very hot with short rains. In the mountainous regions of northern Laos (including Luang Prabang), the showers mostly occur in the evenings, leaving the afternoons clear.


(from the end of October to the end of February)

The temperatures are mild (around 77 ° F) and generally accompanied by a superb blue sky.

It is generally the season preferred by travelers to visit the country. If you intend to go to the mountainous provinces of the North, you must bring warm clothes because between November and February the temperatures of the nights and early mornings can drop around 32 to 41 ° F. Around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., they go up to 59 - 68 ° F.


(from March to mid-June)


Temperatures are higher and sometimes can reach peaks of around 104 ° F. These are more moderate at altitude. If you can stand the heat well, the weather is wonderful, ideal for swimming in the river or at the waterfall. Sometimes there is little rain in the evening which brings temperatures down. This is also the season when most of the vegetation is in bloom.


(from mid-June to mid-October)


It doesn't rain all the time, far from it! Most of the time, the weather is superb during the day, it can rain from early evening to overnight. These are thunderstorms accompanied by heavy, intense but short-lived rains. This is our favorite season for our scouting because the vegetation is becoming lush.

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