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Our Humanitarian commitment
Opt for a fair trade trip to Laos

Opt for a trip that is fair and supportive of the local population.

By travelling with our travel agency, you are helping to support the Enfants du Laos Association, which we set up and sponsor. We automatically donate €10 per traveler to help maintain the computer school we have built to develop education in remote villages.

The agency contributes regularly throughout the year to support projects and donations in the villages which are most in need of help in Laos.

Voyage aventure au Laos, partir avec une agence locale, circuits sur mesure, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang
Adventure travel in Laos, go with a local agency, custom tours, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang

Our association Enfants du Laos was set up to develop access to education in the ethnic villages in order to enable children to have a better future on their own.


These villages lack resources and school supplies, which is why we strive to develop infrastructure and are introducing new forms of education.

In the meantime, our long-term goals are to provide lasting assistance and autonomy to families so that we can contribute to the education of their children and ensure a more comfortable professional future. 

We are very pleased to have been able to carry out this wonderful project to build a computer school, the aim of which is to provide children with additional tools and knowledge to encourage them to continue their studies.

Today, very few of the lao children go on to secondary school; most stop after primary school to work in the rice fields with their parents.

Construction of the room began in March 2018 and was completed around a year and a half later. It is equipped with around fifteen computers. This will enable the 300 pupils at the primary school, as well as volunteer adults from the village, to access lessons in English and IT tools.

Each traveler automatically becomes a financial contributor to the maintenance of the school and, in the near future, to new educational projects to help the children build a better future for those who wish to do so.

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Humanitarian Laos | Children of Laos
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