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Laos, Cambodia and Thailand combined trip

>> Combined tours of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Discover Southeast Asia with a mix of must-sees off the beaten track.

Our multi-country tours are organized with our local partners, each an expert in his or her own destination. We'll tailor-make a trip for you to these wonderful, little-known countries, each with its own particularities and cultural treasures.

 Beach Thailand, travel Laos Thailand -

From Luang Prabang 

to Thai Idyllic Beaches

- 11 days -

price from 2 176 USD (group of 4 people)

White Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand - GOLD

Mekong Adventure, Beauties of Thailand & Laos

- 14 days -

price from 2 680 USD (group of 4 people)

Farmers in Cambodia - ORLA Tours, travel agency

Mysterious Southern Laos

& City of Angkor

- 13 days -

price from 1 974 USD (group of 4 people)

Ruins of ancient Angkor Wat

Culture & History

Laos - Cambodia

- 14 days -

price from 2 381 USD (group of 4 people)

*These circuits are just samples of our possibilities.

ORLA TOURS, Luang Prabang. Travel agency in Laos Cambodia Thailand Burma

Our quality approach for your trip to Laos.


  • We create unique and tailor-made itineraries, all made from a thorough and personalized preparation. Our goal is to organize an authentic and unique adventure as per request.

  • ​We have developed fair trade conditions that are very favorable for all our local partners who get involved with us to guarantee you dream holidays. In addition, we respect local communities, their customs, their traditions and their cultural essence.

  • We are committed to providing you a "fair" price for excellent quality of service with respect to our local partners. We consider that lowering the cost of a trip too much leads to the exploitation our local partners and thus a loss of the quality control of our services.

  • ​Choose a fair travel experience in true solidarity with the local population. By traveling with us, you will be helping us to support the association 'Enfants du Laos' that we have created and are sponsoring. We donate USD 10 per traveler to help develop education in remote villages in Laos and maintain our computer school.

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