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Come and meet the ORLA TOURS Team at Luang Prabang
Our Philosophy of sustainable tourism

Our quality approach to develop fair, eco-responsible and innovative tourism in Laos. The know-how of our local international team guarantees you an authentic trip perfectly organized by specialists, adventure enthusiasts in this magical little country.


Laos is still a little-known country which intrigues travelers with its mystery, its serenity, its authenticity, its tribes and its beautiful landscapes. Our role as the designer of fair trade tours is to share with you our experience in the field, made of 20 years of tracking, organizing trips to the confines of Laos and far flung tourist destinations.

Each of us is an expert in a very specific type of trip, from cultural discovery to ethnic trekking. We scout and walk every track and trail we offer, so you can be sure your itinerary is under control. 

Several times a year, some members of our team go on scouting trips to discover new routes and update the itineraries we offer.

Voyage aventure au Laos, partir avec une agence locale, circuits sur mesure, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang
Charly Renaudin


I grew up in the world of tourism in Asia. It was in 2000, at the age of 22, that I started working for my parents in Laos for the family tour agency as a tracker of new itineraries meeting the tribes. These trips were back in time intended for French travel catalogs.


Following their retirement and looking to personally put together all my professional experiences, it was in the early 2010s that I started to create "my baby" Off Road Laos Adventures - Tours (ORLA TOURS).


Now, as a team, we put all our knowledge at your service to create unique and tailor-made trips.

Phasouk Vansavath


I started my career in tourism in 1999 after graduating from the French department of the National University of Laos in Vientiane.


First as French speaking guide then time after time as leader of a guide team, my role was to guarantee the cohesion between your expectations and the important role of the guides so that exchanges with ethnic groups are beneficial for everyone.


My experience has brought me the knowledge of the country in every corner which today allows me to create with our team, unique tours far away from mass tourism.

Vasanath, Laos travel expert, ORLA Tours, Luang Prabangr


After a career in finance in France I decided to reconnect with my origins. Since I am visiting my family in Laos since my very young age, I decided to come to live in Laos and settle here to share with you my both French and Laotian culture.​


Fluent in both languages and knowing my country perfectly, each time I travel, I keep putting myself at your place, to develop the itinerary that will meet your every expectation. Thanks to my constant tracking on the fields I will be able to create with you your tailor-made trip.

ORLA Tours Laos travel agency team


I've got a diploma in tourism management from Luang Prabang, and I manage bookings.


I also take care of the official travel documents with the authorities, so that you can set off legally to meet ethnic groups in the remotest corners of Laos with complete peace of mind.


ORLA Tours Laos travel agency team


High level sportsman in Triathlon and more particularly in mountain Trail races, I have been passionate about Asia since my first trip in 2005.


Later on, I have joined the team almost 10 years ago as itinerary’s tracker. I track paths, discover now areas and also guide some group as Tour Leader from the north of Laos to the south of Cambodia.

Our presence at numerous seminars on Sustainable tourism in Asia

We meet regularly with the Luang Prabang Tourism Office and Chamber of Commerce to discuss how to promote safe, fair and quality travel for the many travelers who visit Laos.

We are also proud to be the French-speaking travel agency representing the city of Luang Prabang at various tourism seminars both in Laos and throughout Asia.

Adventure travel in Laos, go with a local agency, custom tours, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang
Adventure travel in Laos, go with a local agency, custom tours, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang
Adventure travel in Laos, go with a local agency, custom tours, ORLA TOURS Luang Prabang
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