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Travelling responsibly in Laos 

At ORLA TOURS, our commitment to sustainable development is more than just a policy: it's a way of life and a vision for the future. We are convinced that every gesture counts and that our responsibility as a player in tourism in Laos goes beyond the boundaries of our company. By working with our customers, partners and local communities, we hope to catalyze positive change, promote nature conservation and enrich travel experiences. We remain committed to constantly evolving, rethinking our practices and seeking innovative solutions to minimize our impact on the environment while contributing to social, and economic well-being. Together, we are building a future where responsible tourism is the norm, and where every trip leaves a positive legacy. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a sustainable and fulfilling Laos.

At ORLA TOURS, we are passionate about sustainable travel in Laos. Join us in exploring responsibly and preserving our planet's treasures for generations to come.

Download our Sustainability Policy here

Our commitments

Based on the three dimensions of sustainable development : economic, social and environmental - ORLA Tours is a major player in the development of responsible tourism. 


In Laos, environmental awareness is limited, with little attention paid to selective sorting and recycling, and a large proportion of waste being incinerated. In our small-scale approach, we aim to contribute to respecting and preserving the environment. That's why, during our tours, we give each participant a reusable metal water bottle bearing our logo, to reduce our use and production of plastic waste.

Economic and social

We pay our local partners what they are worth = If you compare the prices of our trips with those of our competitors, you will often find that they are more expensive. However, there's a fundamental reason for this difference! We are firmly committed to establishing fair partnerships with very advantageous conditions for all our local collaborators. We maintain long-term relationships of trust with them. Furthermore, we firmly believe that cutting travel costs at all costs leads to the exploitation of local communities and a loss of control over the quality of our tours. The people dedicated to providing you with an exceptional holiday, such as your guide, driver, restaurateurs, hoteliers and local people, deserve appropriate remuneration for their commitment.


Ethics at the heart of our tours = on all our itineraries, you will have the opportunity to explore tours that will enable you to meet Laotian ethnic communities and gain a better understanding of their culture. Spending a night with local people is a must in Laos for an authentic immersion experience. Over the years, we have established partnerships with various villages and tribes. Agreements have been signed between us and these different ethnic groups to avoid any industrialization of their culture, unlike certain practices in other countries. In this way, we can assure you of the authenticity of the way of life and customs that you will have the opportunity to discover. Thanks to these partnerships, we are helping to stimulate the long-term economic development of these villages while preserving their traditional values. The local people will be delighted to show you their local crafts, including basketry, pottery, weaving and much more. You will, of course, be able to buy these items as souvenirs.

Our agency ORLA Tours sponsors the association “Enfants du Laos” = Despite the economic benefits brought to isolated villages, many inhabitants remain in precarious conditions. To step up our support for these people, our travel agency has taken the initiative of donating €10 per traveller to the "Enfants du Laos” association, which we founded and have sponsored since its inception. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to the actions and running of the association, which works to provide access to education in remote villages in rural areas. Our aim is to give children the opportunity to choose a future other than that of working in the fields and rice paddies, by giving them the means to achieve it themselves. This commitment is particularly important to us.

At the same time, we organize campaigns and collect donations to provide school supplies, clothing, hygiene products, books, and toys to the neediest populations. We are also committed to avoiding encouraging child begging in the villages, thanks to a rigorous donation protocol.


We're excited to share that we've reached a significant milestone on our sustainability journey: becoming a Travelife Partner ! It's been an intense but incredibly fulfilling experience. Now, fuelled by this achievement, we're setting our sights on the next level: Travelife Certified. This journey symbolizes our steadfast commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Join us as we continue striving for excellence in sustainability and making a positive impact on the world.

If you have any questions or comments about our sustainable commitments, please contact us at this e-mail address :

When you choose ORLA Tours for your trip, you can be sure of a humane, respectful and responsible experience. Whether you are exploring Laos, Thailand, or Cambodia, we are determined to promote the values of exchange, sharing, and respect for local communities. If this approach to tourism resonates with you, don't hesitate to contact us. Charly, Phasouk and Vasanath will be delighted to organize your next adventure in Asia !

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Official video from the Luang Prabang tourism office developed in partnership with our travel agency.

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