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Our trips to Laos in summer 2022, the adventure continues...

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juil. 2023

Dear travelers, partners and friends

First and foremost, the entire team at ORLA Tours hopes you are doing well.

We have been keeping a low profile for several months now, concentrating on getting back to business in Laos. We preferred to wait until we had enough interesting content to share with you before making a blog post.

Indeed, Laos is well and truly in the midst of an active travel recovery. We have been able to reap the rewards of our work throughout the Covid-19 period from March 2020 to April 2020, keeping the agency open to the travel requests we received.

We have been rewarded, as you will see at the end of the blog when you read the feedback from travelers who were amazed by their off-the-beaten-track, tailor-made tours.

We hope you enjoy reading this and thank you once again to all our partners, travelers and friends who have supported us and trusted us to continue our adventure in Laos with ORLA Tours.

Charly RENAUDIN, Co Founder

June 2022 - Our tour scouting in pictures

June was a busy month in the field. Following the influx of requests for end-of-year trips, we had to hit the trails through villages and wild landscapes to check that our proposed itineraries were still up to our standards.

Indeed, after 2 years without travel, we had to make sure that there would be no surprises between the proposed program and the expected tour during your adventure in Laos.

The priority has been to identify the wild parts of the first groups of travelers we have welcomed since July 2022.

Go to our FB page to view the photos >>.

July/August 2022 - Our first trips are back on track

We welcomed a honeymoon couple, groups of friends and a family on a Mekong cruise, before continuing with an immersion tour of the tribes. Here are some of their comments...

Finally, we were able to experience the reunion with our travelers.

Following their fabulous trips off the beaten track, the desire to share and exchange more was such that we ended up inviting our travelers to drink coffees in town, go for massages together, eat at home... We do a wonderful job, and Laos remains a unique country to discover.

The photos and feedback speak for themselves

>>more photos of these trips

Take a look at the photo albums of our 2022 travelers
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